Freitag, 24. April 2015


... from Outer Space

ein bisschen Werbung für einen genialen Comic! Wer Lust hat einfach mal durchklicken:

Gibt es noch Leben da draußen in den fernen Galaxien? In seinen Berichten den "Space Reports" lässt uns NASA-Astronaut Edwin B. Goddard  teilhaben. Der Comic ist auf Englisch.

This is the epic story of NASA-Astronaut Edwin B. Goddard through the endless vastness of space. Eventhough he lost contact to planet earth (totally his fault) he won't stop doing his duties and continues with his formal daily reports!
So many of you may say: "hey Dude, don't you think two times the word "space" in the title is a bit redundant?"

And I'll answer you: "Hey random guy on the internet. Shut up and mind your own business! Finding names is hard so don't try to hurt my feelings and stuff."

»Use Your ℑmagination« ♥ eure Milla

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